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Updated: Sep 13

There's a lot to unpack in the dark.

Almost paralyzing to think about how many things can run through your mind at once.

At night everything has a chance to settle

and that's when everything truly starts to come to the surface.

Conversations that I hear in the dark.

Lusts, passions, regrets... lies that change when the sun goes down to when the sun comes up.

Completely different than thoughts and conversations in the morning.

That's why I like the dark.

You can grasp all intentions.

No matter how daunting, or how left your mind might go, all the answers are there.

It's all there.

What do you think about?

What haunts you during the dusk?

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Updated: Sep 13

I think that I'm going to need that cigarette now...

Sorry that I am so snappy

I am just drinking less now.

Choose a strain and I promise I would choose you.

Know the shame and I swear I don't deserve you.

I think I went crazy when I put down the wine.

Nothing is more scary than a lucid mind.

My ode to you.

If Only I could find a way to pay the rent, I swear I'd be gone.

"Why do you have to act like that always..."

That's what she said.

My God.

"Why you have to act like that always..."

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I want to be moved...

I want to be overwhelmed...

I want to unpredict.

I cannot express, nor ascertain

my mind.

If I could stay in sensibility and understand in real time.

Those pages that were filled with overwhelming truth of my life.

Witnessed yet bystander, to those that make us crave to exist.

Only in memory I knew.

Only in memory I know


The pages on new trees that whispered my secrets.

Closed doors only we know.

Moments only we witnessed.

If I had known.


I would be.

My mind now aches knowledge and lacks impulse


Quiet screams I whisper...


As much one can feel.

As much as one can move

As much as one can be overwhelmed.

Let me be moved.

Strike my breath from record.

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