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Overthinking (Breakup Series) p. 1

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I didn't realize it could still feel like this...

Knowing I still have no control...

a disagreement can still crash me

a fight can still pull me in

a slow and towering spiral


My heart pounds knowing this affects me more than you

Knowing you don't care if we continue

or knowing you can laugh

the same way you used to

I wasn't drinking before...

But I am now

6 days nicotine free

back to 6 minutes

I don't quite understand it

I'm always overthinking

and that's probably what this is.

Feeling the world needs its own label

Some type of caution.

One thing can eat you alive

and the emotions can swallow you whole.

You were the only person I knew for years at this point

My lifeline

But thinking about it I wasn't that for you

and maybe that's why it feels different.

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