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I found a part of you...

We seek what we wish we had in ourselves.

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Most love in any form: friendship, romantic relationship, work relationship, etc

any kind is usually started by some form of admiration.

Whether in ourselves or in a different reality that we wish we were in.

Sometimes I think love...

is nothing but an illusion, built off of self doubt and insecurity.

Cynical yes, but over thought no.

Compliments are one way to look at it... looking up to a person is another... being in love with someone you adore is another, so on and so forth, etc, etc, etc...


This could also be why we feel so enamored when falling in love...

when you meet someone of such intrigue, building excitement and life, new experiences bringing things that you have always wanted now melded into your own now.

Purely In awe.

The life they have lived is not yours and the life you have lived has not been theirs.

They bring something we didn't have.

But they had it.

And so you fall in love.

Quote by T R U V O N N E
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The euphoria of "you complete me," I feel is built off of that notion.

The balance.

The opposites attract.

The ying to your yang.

And if that ends,

or when it ends

or as we evolve and grow the lessons are le

arned, growth happens.

We all change and become so

mething of that person we did not have before and lose something we did.

... we physically feel sick and empty because you don't feel like you can find or rebuild what you feel like you've lost, but truly it is almost like a baby bird flying on it's own.

You want the security of this new found you

but now you are ready to own it.

Because every person you are with builds something within you that you didn't even recognize you had yourself.

So then you take that piece of admiration and build a version you have for yourself.

You Hold on to it tight until that person let's go.

The cycle continues.

With every new person you bring something out of them that could be the very thing that you started out looking for.

With every part you give... another part is lost.

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